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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Week 68 - January 15, 2017

This transfer is going way quickly. Here's some of the updates.

K----a:  He has a ton of questions still which is good but I think he is focusing more on intellectual than spiritual understanding; but he is also really desiring to learn and is super great so that's awesome. When he prayed at the end of our lesson he said his heart was rejoicing so that was awesome.

A--i:  He is so good! We were teaching about the restoration and he called his wife in the main part of the house (cause we were in his workshop) and asked for some tea. She brought it over and he said please go ahead and drink it. And we said that we don't drink tea. He said "oh really??" And we shared about how it's a rule and it's for our health. He then pushed his cup aside and said "I will not drink this from now on." It was so awesome! We challenged him to live the Word of Wisdom, and he said, "yes," so that's great.

Aside from lessons, this week we found a guy who had met other missionaries before. He invited us in and gave us a bunch of snacks. He said that he's not too interested but likes talking and we shared 2 Nephi:31 with him and told him if he wants to know, then he can. It was kinda surprising but way fun.

We did a lot of weird stuff this week and I'm not actually sure what it was but needless to say it has been a fun and effective week, today is zone p-day and we are redoing a game called Crystal Maze which apparently was an old TV show in England. It's a lot of fun to get to do stuff with tons of missionaries instead of just your district.  This has been a wonderful time and we are way excited to keep working hard 

Love you all and remember to comfort those in need and help others. Here's the pics from the caroling that I didn't get for a while.image2.JPG
The gospel is the best!

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