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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Japan, Tokyo South Mission, Tokorozawa

Week 69 - January 23, 2017

This week's honestly was fun and good but not much changed really.

Splits:  We had splits with the Tokorozawa Elders last week and it went really well! We were able to talk to a ton of people and it was a great time. We also taught a lesson to K----a but it didn't go very far because he has a lot of questions and it would have been very helpful to have a member there. We would have a lesson with him tomorrow but we have splits with the AP's so the other Elders are gonna take it for us. Anyway, that's off topic but, ya, it was great.

We didn't get to meet with A--i this week 'cause his health declined a little and he went to the doctor so we will check up on him again this week. We had a lot of planning to do this week. We had to teach a lesson for church on Sunday and Elder Hawkins gave a talk. Also, we are giving the lesson for FHE at the mission home tonight so that should be a lot of fun. Hope it goes well. We have been working hard and pushing forward as always.

Sorry not much to put in his email but not much time either, just know that I love you all. If we stay close to the Lord in our own heart we don't have to worry about drifting away regardless of what happens in our lives. We can pray with sincerity wherever we are and at any time. That's all for this week!
Man,  there are no pictures this week either sorry.  We didn't take any! But I still love you all
Elder Molen

The gospel is the best!

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