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Friday, March 10, 2017

It's Way Warm Today So I'm Happy!

Week 70 - January 29, 2017
Ya, it's like 19 degrees (celcius) so that's awesome.

This week we have been decently busy.

Splits with the assistants: it went really well. We talked to some people in weird places -- one guy on the train platform, another lady at the convenient store. We told them who we were and invited them to stuff. I hope one guy comes 'cause he said he would, but yeah the AP's are awesome. They are super great missionaries and help a lot with teaching us how to effectively proselyte. We took a picture with an inspiration message for this cancer foundation thing (shoutout to you Rilee) and it was fun to talk with the 2 guys doing it. In the evening we had stake priesthood meeting so we went to that and it went really well. The stake presidency is honestly so nice and cool. 

Thursday:  There was a broadcast for missionaries in the entire world. They helped us learn about our purpose more and made changes to the missionary schedule rules. We can now choose when we study and other stuff. Also, they gave us more time on p-day to get our big list of stuff done. So it was pretty awesome and it was good to hear the apostles speak. We had weekly planning and a dinner appointment with a member that day as well. All the members in Japan are amazing at making food!

Saturday:  We had a soccer activity in the morning. It was sooo much fun! I love playing sports. The ward members and friends are pretty good at soccer. We also had the Chinese New Year activity on that day as well. I got to see Elder Harrison and Elder Smith so that was way good. I also saw Motoki and a lot of other elders I hadn't seen in a while. We had a good time.  There was a big dragon that they bought for the event and it was pretty cool. There was so much Chinese being spoken and I realized that I should learn Chinese as well, but Japanese is still hard enough for now. 

Sunday:  It was a wonderful great service as usual. After church though, we went with our investigator Kamiya to Kichijoji to watch a baptismal service. He wants to be baptized but has tons of questions and doesn't really listen when you give him the answer. He wants to have the conviction that it's true but says he's not there yet, when in reality he could be there but he's not praying, reading the scriptures or coming to church on his own. He will pray and read with us but unless he does it for himself he will never know if it's true or not so that's what we are working on.

Today is wonderful, beautiful weather and a member made my favorite Japanese food for lunch for us. It's sukiyaki and I like it a lot. It's the one where you boil a bunch of stuff in sauce and broth and then dip it in egg and eat it. Needless to say it was delicious. Today is great, being a missionary is great, you are all great. Well that's really all until next week! Love you all!

Elder Molen

The gospel is the best. 

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