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Friday, March 10, 2017

Unexpected Changes - Tokyo South Mission - Japan

Week 71 - February 5, 2017

Some stuff happened this week that Elder Hawkins and I weren't expecting

Tuesday:  We met with our investigator K----a again. The lesson we had didn't really go anywhere. He just had all these same questions and no matter what answer you give he still just confuses himself and overthinks it. Then he also doesn't search it out for himself so that is a problem still. We may or may not drop him soon, we aren't sure yet.

Zone conference: Elder Hawkins and I had to prepare for it a decent amount. We basically ended up talking about the doctrine of Christ and having a big conversation with the whole zone. One question I thought about is how baptism is performed in the name of the father, the son, and the Holy Ghost. I thought why is it done that way? I have also been thinking about other ordinances in the church and will continue to study the way and reason they are performed. We had a lot of conference and discussion items within the whole zone so this zone conference was a lot of that.

  We also talked about the missionary schedule changes and a ton of other things during that. We saw every zone's goal for baptisms for the year and it looks like everyone is ready to try really hard. There is also a new Ekaiwa program that is being started up. It's gonna be way good 'cause now it's labeled as a mission school so everyone who comes basically knows what's gonna happen there. Also, we are now offering help with English testing. With the new goals and new schedule and all this new stuff coming in with the mission I think that we are going to see a huge improvement in effectiveness.

Friday:  We basically had district meetings all day. We got some huge gyoza again in Kichijoji so that was fun as well.  I got sick from Tuesday around until Sunday so at night we went back to the apartment and just tried to call a bunch of people.

Transfer calls:  So ya, we got them this Saturday and I thought I was gonna be here for a while but I am being transferred to Kanagawa which is back to my first zone. It's the same church as Kohoku but a different area that we work in so I'll get to see a lot of people that I know again. My companions are going to be Elder Matsumoto (who was my first district leader, and is the current assistant to the President) and Elder Murata who was the district leader in Tokorozawa before he got emergency transferred out.  Also, Kanagawa is Elder Matsumoto's first area and this is his last transfer, so he is probably way happy.  I get 2 Japanese companions and they are both on their last transfer #doublekill. That's what we call it when you are with a missionary for their last transfer.  You are ending their mission, so in a sense "killing" them but ya that's the situation.

Well, I guess that's all there is for this week. It has been pretty crazy but I'm going back to Yokohama, I guess that's where I'm meant to be cause that's where I've spent most of my mission lol. Way excited and I'll talk to you all next. Love you!!

Elder Molen
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