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Sunday, April 2, 2017

This week was wonderful! Let me tell you all about it.


All of my Yamate friends at the temple
Week 72 - February 12, 2017
This week was wonderful! Let me tell you all about it.

Hibarigaoka:  So we kept trying to do our best as a 3 man. We tried to talk to everyone and visit less actives that hadn't been to church in a long time. They will keep on trying until we finally can grab them and bring them back to the fold (you know, if they want to) but ya. 
Kanagawa Kohoku district meeting
Transfer day:  It was nice and rainy 'cause you know that it wouldn't be transfer day without rain, right? But I packed up all my stuffs and carried my bike on the train all the way back to Yokohama. This is my third time in Yokohama and my second time coming back and I'm way excited, 'cause I love Yokohama! Kanagawa is the same church building as Kohoku (my first area) and there are a few places we go that connect so it's way cool to be in the places I was in a year and some months ago. Also, from coming on splits I know a little bit about the area and I think it's gonna be pretty fun. At night time we had Ekaiwa which was also great 'cause I saw all those students that I taught a long time ago. Everyone is still doing good and some of them remembered me, so that was nice.
Kanagawa Kohoku district meeting
Friday:  Elder Matsumoto came to join us!! So we are now a 3 man again with me, Elder Matsumoto and Elder Murata. We had district meetings most of the day and I got to see everyone in the zone. On the train to Kawasaki we talked to 2 guys from Nepal and were able to get a phone number so we passed that on to the Kawasaki elders. At night we had a lesson with a man who is struggling a bit. He's got some health problems emotionally and physically so he wasn't the most responsive at the lesson. He is nice but doesn't seems like he's super interested or zealously involved in learning the gospel. 

Saturday:  We went to an awesome park! It is called Mitsuike Koen which means "three pond park." There were indeed three ponds. It was pretty cool and we talked to a couple nice people there. There were a few Sakura trees that bloomed way fast and it got me excited to see all the Sakura. 
All of my Yamate friends at the temple
Sunday: Sunday was totally great! We got to see all the members, and all of them remembered Elder Matsumoto 'cause he was here for a long time before and a lot of them remembered me since I was in Kohoku for a little while. They are all super friendly and really welcomed us back to the ward. Also, there are a few people in the ward that really have that missionary fire and have asked us to visit all the members and start their fire with the doctrine. It's gonna be way awesome! I think that strengthening the ward and contacting some old investigators was definitely a reason Elder Matsumoto and I came back. At night we visited three member families and they were way chill. They let us in and we just shared a super fast message about the BoM and restoration and hopped on out. 

It's been super cold lately but soon it will be reviving into the warmth of spring. Can't wait! Also serving and helping people is lots of fun, everyone should try it sometime. Well that's all for this week! Love you!

The gospel is the best. 

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