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Sunday, April 2, 2017

This Week Was Really Awesome! "Mercy always triumphs over justice"

Week 73 - February 19, 2017
The biggest thing was getting to see Elder Holland on Sunday but I'll get to that later.

Contacting:  This week we called and contacted a lot of people. The area book is filled with potential investigators that haven't been contacted in forever that either need to be contacted or dropped. So we went really hard on that and were able to find 2 new investigators because of it. They were willing to meet, it's just that they hadn't been contacted or when they had they didn't really have time. Either way it's always really fun to try and talk to people you have never met before and try to give them something about the gospel that relates to them. 

We also set a goal within our zone that we want to find 2 new investigators every week at least because recently the count has been very low. So until Elder Matsumoto goes home in a week and a half we are gonna try to find that many. After he leaves, we are bumping it to 3. We found 3 or 4 last week so it's definitely possible and we want to throw that to the zone. We had zone meeting and gave some trainings and asked what everyone thought about it.  It seems like they want to achieve it but just need to get past their fear barrier and go for it. So to do that we planned a stake blitz with the entire stake of missionaries and we are gonna go hard with the dendo in my old area, Yamate. It's gonna be great. 

We are also working with members a lot because the ward mission leader really thinks they have referrals but they just need to trust us. So since they know me a little and know Elder Matsumoto really well it's been going super good. They welcome us and we just need to keep on going to visit and encourage more.

Also, thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and things I had a wonderful birthday. We went and got my favorite ton katsu and it was way fun. Also, thanks family for the package and stuff. It's just so weird that I'm 20 years old now so now I have to start being an adult. 

Sunday: Sunday was amazing! Elder Holland came to Japan and gave a talk at a multi-stake conference. He mostly just talked about the scene in 3rd Nephi where they looked at Jesus and with their tears said "please don't go" but were too kind to say it out loud. He honestly made it feel like we were there and it was amazing. One thing he said is that "mercy always triumphs over justice" -- if we want it, that is. Justice required Jesus to go visit the other tribes and report to the father but he had mercy and stayed to heal the Nephites because of their faith. I liked that a lot.
In the evening, we went with 2 recent converts to go see his devotional. He came to the Kichijoji church and it was crazy to see him right there. He talked about how we all have hard times and that that is what life's about. It's the whole reason Christ suffered.

He also said that "God loves broken things." He must because there are so many of us that are broken and he loves us. He talked about the law of sacrifice and how we all have to suffer a little and get a bit broken. But that's how we improve and that's how we progress. Honestly, just hearing him speak on all this stuff was just so awesome! I really hope it gave the Japanese people a big boost of hope so that they can keep going forward and share the knowledge and joy with others.

But ya, that's basically this week.  It was totally sweet and I think it is starting to get warmer and warmer 'cause it's close to spring again. Way excited to keep going forward and serving out here. This gospel is true and all we need to do is have a broken heart and contrite spirit and we can be healed and feel the joy. Anyways love you all!image2.JPG
The gospel is the best. 

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