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Sunday, April 2, 2017

I'm Pretty Sure it's P-Day Every Single Day!


Week 74 - February 26, 2017     I also think it's Sunday every day.

This week.... ya this week went so fast I'm not really sure what happened. We found a new investigator who works at a center for people with disabilities. We are going to hopefully do service and also we have an appointment set up to meet and talk about the gospel so that's really good.

We had a stake blitz!! We planned it and we went over to Yamate!! It was way nostalgic to go back to my old area and it was way awesome as well.  God completely prepared everything for the blitz that we had over there. It was amazing weather, first of all, even though it was raining in the morning. Then when I didn't know how many people would be out and about, we figured out that on Motomachi Street (a really famous shopping street) that there were huge bargain sales going on so there were tons of people!! We had everyone focus on sharing the BoM and it went unbelievably well. We passed out tons of BoM's and everyone got a huge faith boost. Then we had Ekaiwa at night which was way awesome as well 'cause 2 missionaries from my first district who had already finished their missions came back to visit! Elder Ikeda and Sister Suzuki came back 'cause they had both served at this church before and it was way awesome to see them again.

I also want to say that we have some seriously awesome missionaries in this mission. Going to district meetings and other zones and all these different things makes me realize how awesome people are. Everyone is working super hard and has such a huge desire to share the gospel. 

On Saturday, we met with a recent convert named Lee. He is Chinese and he is way awesome!! He has an amazing testimony and has a ton of knowledge even though it hasn't been a year since he was baptized. He invited us into his apartment and it was way chill. We had milk and donuts and the gospel, so what more do you need? 
Later, we met with a guy we had set up an appointment with the previous Saturday -- which was way cool that he followed through and came to the church. We talked about prayer and a little about our relationship with God. He seemed to really like it and he was really grateful for us talking to him 'cause he had recently moved to Yokohama and didn't really have any friends. So we look forward to keep going with that.
Sunday was way great! We had church and it was Elder Matsumoto's last Sunday so the members were wishing he wouldn't go.  He wants to stay longer as well.  But after church we went and visited a family that is in our boundary but goes to Tokyo ward and shared a simple message about the commandments. It went pretty well and they seemed to be grateful for us visiting. After that we were invited for dinner by a family called the Mimaki's. They have fun little boys that run around and go crazy so we all just had a jolly old time. Then we went over to our next door neighbor who is a member and the previous stake president but one of his sons is leaving on a mission! Also, since Elder Matsumoto is leaving, they wanted to have a goodbye party/get together for both of them. It was a lot of delicious food, crazy kids and mission talk. Needless to say it was wonderful. All the ward members made Elder Matsumoto want to leave even less. 
I think that's really it for this week. I have been thinking lately about how we really have to live the principles of the gospel.

Are we really being humble at all times?
Are we patient with everyone?
Do we show love and thanks to people?
Are we acting like Jesus Christ would?

That's what it really is. Sometimes we look at the gospel from a too complicated standpoint when all we have to do is realize that we should do as the Savior did. I know if we do actually do those things that we can receive real joy. Anyway, that's my rant for this week!

The gospel is the best

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