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Sunday, April 2, 2017

The New Transfer Has Begun

Week 78 - March 26, 2017
This is gonna be another wonderful transfer, I can feel it!

Wednesday:  Basically all we did was, I cleaned and Elder Murata packed. He had a lot to pack away and I had TONS to clean in the apartment. I made it pretty spotless and I took out all of the old useless futons and trash in the apartment. We had to rip up and cut like 12 total and it was pretty gross but we got them all in garbage bags. Now our apartment is beautiful.

Transfer day!!
  So we helped pack one elder's bike and sent him off. Then we went to the station where Elder Murata was leaving from and met a member who he wanted to see one last time before leaving. It was kinda sad to see him go but he's off to bigger and better things now.  My new companion Elder Hemi came!! He is from New Zealand and is way pumped up so I am super excited for this transfer. We got to do weekly planning and we are looking towards a lot of improvements and changes in the zone to get it bumping again.

Basically the rest of what I have to say is the fact that we have a lot to work on in our zone to improve finding and getting those baptismal dates and I think that everyone wants to work hard as well. We are preparing and doing all we can to be diligent and put in the needful work so that people are brought unto baptism! We had a miracle on Saturday where we met a cool guy who spoke English went to New Zealand and who I had a mutual friend with on Facebook! We are hoping to go out to get some food with him and talk more about the BoM which we gave to him. Way exciting!
Church was wonderful as usual. Everyone appreciate the sacrament and use it every week.

It's been really cold over here recently and Sakura has yet to bloom sadly but it will happen soon so I await that day! That's all for this week really, love you all!

The gospel is the best

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