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Sunday, April 2, 2017

We are so busy it's insane!


Week 79 - April 2, 2017

So basically I'm not gonna do a day-by-day.  I'll just write a bunch of stuff.

This week we found a bunch of new investigators! We have just had to plan and pray and dendo as hard as we can all week. We have been trying to improve the zone because it just didn't seem to be going anywhere, but now everyone seems a little bit more excited and is ready to go hard in the paint!

Wednesday: we had planning for a lot of stuff but we still found some time to dendo. We talked to a college student who is gonna meet with us this week so that was something way awesome. We hope to bring some people to church this week for general conference. We went to visit a referral and instead met his dad who was super nice and we hope we can continue to build a good relationship. 

Thursday: Wwe had MLC which was pretty good but mostly the thing I was excited about was the new Easter video and the fact that we are significantly going to improve Ekaiwa. We are gonna make it a lot better so that it's not just a bunch of people who never wanna hear the gospel. Also, the new Easter video is way awesome and you should all watch it 'cause it's great. At night after Ekaiwa, we were heading home but I kept trying to talk to people even though we had to hurry home. The first guy I said hello to stopped and we talked about Heavenly Father and a little bit about the Plan of Salvation. It was way awesome 'cause I was holding faith that we could find someone that day and even though it was at the very end, we were able to talk and we got his number. God really does prepare the way if we try our best.
Friday: We had district meetings at which we presented our vision for the zone. We are focusing on getting people to come to church early on so that they can be easily fellowshipped by the members and have a better path to baptism. Also we just told everyone that we want to be happy, have fun, and work with faith and diligence. Everyone seems way excited so we are looking forward to some good stuff. 
Then we went on splits! We brought 2 of the Kawasaki elders back to our area. We had a really good time just being excited about the work and doing our best. Elder Hemi and Elder Schow were able to find a few investigators in just one day so that was wonderful! This week we are expecting to see a lot of people all over the zone become new investigators. It was pretty cold and rainy that day but we tried our best and had a good time.
Sunday was great just like every week lol. The young women dominated the stand with testimonies this week cause they went to youth conference but it was way good. Kanagawa ward has a lot of really strong people and everyone works together which I think is great. Then after church we learned some shuwa. That is Japanese sign language. There are 3 people in our ward who are deaf and so we learned from them to say some stuff in sign language and we are going to continue to practice so that we can communicate. It's actually pretty fun. Now I will become trilingual! 
Today we are going to Yakiniku as a district so that should be pretty fun. Ill get some pictures for y'all. Anyway this church is true, Jesus loves you.  I love you all! Until next week. 
The gospel is the best.

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