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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Transfer 15 Has Begun! Shinkou Station, Machida Stake, Takao

Week 83 - April 30, 2017 -  This is another crazy week so I'll try to remember everything.

So on Tuesday we tried to go over near where the docks are in our area. That turned out to be a really interesting time. We had five hours so we were like "oh we can just walk there." So we start walking and try and talk to some people. We started getting towards the docks, we passed beer village and kept going. Once we got there, however, all we found was a big freeway road going over it, factories everywhere and nowhere to talk to people. So we get three hours out there and we are like this is pretty useless and we should turn around, ha ha. But then we saw a sign that said, "Shinkou station."
Shinkou in Japanese means faith -- even though it was a different character so it didn't mean that -- we saw it and we were determined to keep going! But then we kept walking for a while and got nowhere and had to escape by bus lol. So that was a good adventure. After that we found one high school kid who said he's down to meet again. Also we got a college student's e-mail so that was cool after we went through 4 hours of craziness. 
We did service at the special needs place again. This time was kinda funny because they had us join in with a cheerleading activity. They do fun activities with the people and one of them was cheerleading, so Elder Hemi and I are now experts of shaking Pom poms. It was fun to see the people have fun and it's really nice that people help people with disabilities for their job. 

I kind of went crazy during weekly planning. I got really bored so it ended with me wearing my jacket like a lava lava and a bandana over my eyes. Needless to say we still got a lot of planning and good things done. 

We were able to find a cool kid this week as well. He is pretty honest on the fact that he doesn't want to join our church but that he would meet with us. We aren't worried about that 'cause the spirit can change all hearts. He's super nice though and I think that if he meets and feels the spirit he could do great!

On Saturday we had transfer calls!! So I am finally going to one of the stakes I've never been to. I'm going to Machida stake but my area is called Takao. It is a smaller area as far as city goes 'cause it's not Yokohama but there's also some nature so I'm excited for that.
My new companion will be Elder Dowdle. It's crazy 'cause this transfer is my second to last so I have to work extra hard and do everything I can. Elder Hemi is staying here in Kanagawa.
After that we decided to go to a big park to see who we could talk to. When we got there though there was a huge track meet at least region level so there were tons of people, but we couldn't really talk to them so that was a bummer. We tried that for a little then headed back towards the church area. We had to prepare for a takoyaki party that the Kohoku elders were putting on so we helped with that. At first like nobody was showing up so it looked like a big flop but one of our investigators came as well as the bishop's family. It was pretty fun and everyone had a good time. 

Sunday was kind of sad to be leaving Yokohama again but I'm excited to see somewhere else as well. As we were trying to talk to people we found a dad and his son tossing an American football  around and I just had to talk to them. So I asked if I could throw it with them and they said absolutely. We talked to them for a while and they were super cool! We told them who we were and what we do and then gave them the free family English program so we are hoping to get in contact with them again. Then at night we had dinner with the Itou Family but we wanted to bring an investigator. We tried a few and they couldn't come but then this super cool kid said that he could come and we shouted for joy. So we went over there with him and he totally hit it off with the family. He is the same age as one of their sons and they just talked the whole time which was awesome 'cause now when he comes to church and he can be fellowshipped way easy. We had to leave to be back at our apartment so we couldn't walk back with him but the family was like "we got this, no worries." So we left and he texted us later saying thanks so much for inviting him 'cause he had a really good time. That was a great miracle.
Now is the first day of May so we can wear short sleeves again and this week's is gonna be busy.

God and Jesus Christ are in every part of our lives. They help us in ways that we see and don't see. Sometimes we need patience and sometimes it comes right away. Either way they love us and they prepared the way for us to walk, and what a joyful walk it is. Until next week everyone! Love you!

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