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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Last P-Day Before Transfer Calls! Spiders, spiders and more spiders!

Week 82 - April 23, 2017
It's kind of nuts how fast this transfer already went. I'm excited for whatever comes next though.

Wednesday:  Ok, it was ridiculous. I told a recent convert who has been struggling that we would come over to his house for service and help clean up. We got to do just that. Two Elders were outside cleaning the front and two elders were inside. I was elected for inside and it was way worse than I expected. The house was way filthy and looked like a huge challenge so we were like "oh no." But then it got worse. We looked around and noticed there were big spiders and webs everywhere. We asked him and he said "ya we have lots of friends hanging out." I was kinda worried at that point. When we went upstairs I looked around and there were spiders and webs like crazy!! We had to clear all those out as well as up where the loft was. I killed at least 50 spiders and we had enough webs to decorate for Halloween, not even kidding. It looked like a haunted house. We cleared out tons of them and it was pretty gross. It was good to help him out though. At night we tried to find a member's house but my maps led me the wrong way so we were a bit lost and our time kinda disappeared.

Thursday was pretty normal. We had a lot of planning for the next week and Ekaiwa. One good thing was that after Ekaiwa, two people stayed for a gospel lesson so that was awesome. We taught about the gospel of Jesus Christ and how he is the way. He walked the path first now we just have to follow and he can help us.
We went to district meetings most of the day talking about how everyone was doing and what we are gonna do about the many plans we have. We are gonna go blitz in Kawasaki on Saturday of this week so that was something we had to plan around. After the meetings we went to visit a member who has had a lot of health problems so he couldn't come to church. He was super nice and just a great old man. We want to do anything we can for him so we will let the ward know and figure out what we can do.
On Saturday we went to play basketball with a recent convert named Lee. I've talked about him before but he's Chinese and he's way chill. We went to my beloved Yamate and played there. It was good to go back and see everything again. We had a fun time balling it up but had to leave a little early 'cause we had lunch with an investigator after that. We went and got some ramen and talked about then BoM a bit. He seems like he's pretty interested but he didn't have time to talk very much so we just gave him a restoration pamphlet and told him we'll talk about it the next time we meet. After that, we streeted around and were able to find one cold kid that we might be able to meet in the future. At night we had stake conference which was actually really good cause a member of the seventy was there and he was pretty funny. After that meeting we met with R--- for dinner at a Chinese place. It was his birthday a few days ago, so we congratulated him and gave him some stuff. We talked about happiness and the purpose of life. He doesn't know what to think right now but as soon as he starts reading the BoM and stuff like that I think he will be great.
Sunday was stake conference as well so we had a good time there and I got to see all the members from Yamate, Kohoku, and Kanagawa. Basically everyone in Yokohama knows me 'cause I have been chilling here for so long.

After church and stuff we went to go talk to people in Tsurumi. We wanted to find a new investigator really bad but nobody was stopping! So we kept trying really hard and after a long time we finally found a way chill 22 year old kid! He was super cool and he wanted to meet us another time so that was way sick! He has been to California and is swaggin' for days. We are excited to see where he goes. At night we visited a referral who doesn't seem too interested at the moment but we keep visiting, being nice and praying with him.

I think that's it for this week but I just want to let you know that if you have faith anything is possible! I have miracles happen many times just by having a little bit of faith. So keep trying and don't give up!! Until next week. Love you all! Here's some casual pics from Elder Brown and I's photo shoot when we got bored.

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