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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mexican Leg Fire - Polynesian Night - The zoo

Week 88 - June 11, 2017 -  This week was pretty good but also kinda crazy so I'll give you the important stuff.
So since before I came to Takao I was informed we were being evicted so we went to check out of the new apartment we will move into.  They hadn't cleaned or refurbished anything yet so it was pretty disgusting. The guy was like, "Don't worry, it will all be cleaned and stuff so don't worry." I hope they get a nice deep clean in there before we move in.
Wednesday was still taken up with going to Kofu and having district meeting but after we came back we were able to set up for Ekaiwa and have a lesson with our investigator R---a. He is reading the BoM and has a pretty big desire to learn it seems. He is doing very well and we are excited to keep meeting with him 'cause he's way chill and keeps our commitments.
We also had MLC for this month and we talked about a lot of different stuff.  I really think that the mission is at a good changing point where people change themselves/work with the ward and then see all the miracles that come from that.

We had splits on Friday with the Hachiōji elders and it went super well! We had 2 lessons that went great! First we met an investigator at the church for a lesson. He is kind of a quiet guy who seems a bit awkward but he is awesome. He understands a lot of what we teach and I think he has tons of potential. We set really good expectations of the purpose of missionaries and also figured out what he's expecting. I think that was a really good point of the lesson 'cause he knows that we expect him to follow our commitments and that eventually we want him to be baptized. We followed up on the restoration pamphlet we gave him and he had read some of it. The rest of the lesson went really well and he understands a decent amount.

Then at night we were going to have a church tour with a friend from Mongolia that we met a while ago but I didn't have the keys to the church so we couldn't get in! So we just told him why people go to church and how it's a wonderful good place. Then we went to get dinner with him at ramen and we explained our purpose more. It was a lot of fun.
On Saturday we had ping pong for a little and it was also supposed to be transfer calls but they said that it was going to come late so we just continued on with our normal stuff. We had to leave ping pong early to go to SPM. We were able to talk about a few things to do/improve in the stake so that was good. After it was over, we realized we had our transfer calls! So everyone opened up and I am so happy! My dream came true. I'm district leader here in Takao, but my new companion is a new missionary, so I get another son! I am straight up Abraham, so that made me happy. At night we finished a nice weekly planning session for this next transfer week.

Sunday was pretty good as usual and we were planning on 3 of our investigators coming to church but they all bailed! I was so sad but it's ok 'cause we will get them to come next week! We were also planning on visiting 2 less actives and an investigator but a huge rain rolled in and started dumping on us so we were only able to visit the 2 less actives. One wasn't there and the other said not today and shut the door so we will cheer him up with some goodies or something next time we go over.
Today is beautiful weather and it should be pretty good but I'll start with sending all those videos from last week. Love you all!

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